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E-commerce software solutions

At CoSource, we design and build e-commerce software solutions that help you sell

Our team of expert software developers create a fully-customised, innovative and effective e-commerce applications to meet all the needs of your online commerce strategy. Whether you need an application built from scratch or simply want to upgrade your existing system, we’re here to help. With 15 years of industry experience, we are equipped to deliver premium-quality software solutions efficiently and reliably, every time.

CoSource helps businesses like yours to create an enjoyable, intuitive customer environment and drive sales.

Frameworks we use



NopCommerce is a versatile platform well-suited to everything from multinational corporations to small independent vendors. It offers an excellent balance between open-source software and a structured commercial framework.


able commerce

AbleCommerce is a simple yet highly functional e-commerce framework that helps businesses of all sizes to build and run online commerce platforms. It has a great deal of ready-to-go features that even cover things like taxes, recurring orders and more.



Shopify is a popular cloud-based e-commerce software that automates many of the processes associated with online selling. It helps to simplify the process of creating and running an attractive, effective e-commerce platform.


What we offer


Business Strategy

Our experienced analysts will show you exactly how to optimise your e-commerce strategy to get improved customer retention and overall sales.

UX Consultancy

By undertaking in-depth research into your unique target audience, we’ll compile and execute the perfect UX design plan for your platform.

Website Design

We will use our years of e-commerce expertise to upgrade your existing site or design you a new one from scratch.

Mobile Support

Access the enormous and rapidly growing market of mobile e-commerce with our high-quality mobile e-commerce applications.

Tailor-Made Plugins and Extensions

Enhance your user environment and add functionality to your e-commerce platform with our custom-developed plugins and extensions.

Round-the-Clock Support

We’re on hand 24/7 to help you with any maintenance or support you might need to keep your e-commerce platform running smoothly.

Why choose CoSource

  • Exceptional value on all of our products
  • Access cutting-edge e-commerce technology
  • Completely adaptable service to match your unique needs
  • Comprehensive support from our team of experts
  • More than 15 years of industry experience
  • Innovative solutions to make you stand out from the crowd

Our Work

Some of our Ecommerce Projects

Our team of certified developers have a wealth of experience creating ecommerce solutions, ranging from small business websites to complex ecommerce applications that integrate into third party systems.

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